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Easy Important and now online.

Career guru and author Dick Bolles, in concert with Capella Education, a national leader in online education, is bringing Parachute online for career changers and job hunters worldwide. It's EASIER than ever before to do those important—even life-changing—exercises from the book.

For the first time, you can tap powerful, online-only features to build a valuable network of connections and identify opportunities to take you toward your dream job. Never before has such important personal discovery work, and job-hunting strategies and advice, been so entertaining or so powerful!


Why take the Parachute online course?

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  • Online oomph

    Take advantage of today's best online features and tools to discover your passions and turbo-charge your job hunt.

  • Multimedia adds fun

    Discover your favorite skills, interests and more through an entertaining and informative mix of video and interactive exercises.

  • Interactive means easier

    Reveal your favorite skills, interests and more through interactive exercises.

  • Your e-Parachute community

    Enjoy the camaraderie, energy and support of the e-Parachute community. Expand your network of valuable connections as you pursue your dream job.

  • Share your dream job

    Share the results of your Flower Exercise—the picture of your dream job—with your professional and personal contacts, and with your connections on e-Parachute.

  • Survival tips

    Get bonus survival job-hunting strategies, tools and extras to help you stand out from the competition and zero in on your dream job.


The Flower Excercise: Key Features

The Flower Exercise
Create and share a picture of your dream job

What Color Is Your Parachute: The Online Course is a personal discovery workshop focused on YOU. By guiding you through the renowned Flower Exercise, you will discover your favorite skills and special areas of knowledge, your most important values and much more.

When you complete the course, you will have a picture of your dream job…and the marketable skills you possess to go into it. Take your job-hunt to the next level by sharing your flower with your personal and professional contacts, your connections on e-Parachute, and others.

  • The Flower Petals

  • Your favorite skills

    If you don’t think of yourself as having valuable skills, think again! Identify your favorite transferrable skills so you can use them in a job you love.

  • Your favorite knowledges

    You’ve soaked up a lot of knowledge in your life. Zero in on your favorite fields of interest to effectively target your ideal work situation.

  • Your favorite working conditions

    We do our best work under certain conditions, but not under others. Discover the circumstances where you do your most effective work.

  • Your favorite values

    You’ll enjoy career—and life—satisfaction when you know and stay true to your values. But identifying them can be daunting. This course makes the process easier… and enjoyable!

  • Geography

    Where would you most like to live and work? Pinpoint the geographical factors important to you.

  • Your favorite people environments

    The people you work with can make or break any job. Find out the kinds of people you find most fascinating and that you’d love working with.

  • Level of responsibility and salary

    Salary and responsibility go hand-in-hand. Establish the level of responsibility you want and your salary range.